Our Advertising Signs will be Placed around the Community Soon

Fredericksburg Dog Mart event date (9/24/2022)

Written by Jim Lloyd

September 5, 2022

On Saturday, September 10, we will begin placing directional and advertising signs in the community. This past Saturday the “date” signs were stenciled with the 324th Fredericksburg Dog Mart event date of September 24, 2022. And a reminder, the entry fee is only $5 a carload. All purchases at the event can be done either with cash or a credit card. The event opens to the public at 9:30 am and will close at 3 pm. All proceeds will be used to defray the cost of the event and then be applied to improvements to the property. There are no “salaried” members of the chapter and we are a registered charitable environmental organization (501c(3)).

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Checking Out the Chapter Choo-Choo

Checking Out the Chapter Choo-Choo

It is two weeks left before the big event and today we pulled out the barrel train to check out its readiness. We are happy to report that the rolling stock is ready and fueled up for the Dog Mart. This amusement ride is a great attraction for both the young and old.


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