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Alpha Media Fredericksburg is Sponsoring the Dog Mart this year

Cute German Shepherd

This year we are pleased to have Alpha Media Fredericksburg sponsoring the Fredericksburg Dog Mart.

When you listen to one of the three local Alpha Media radio stations you will hear On-Air Promotional Mentions starting September 6, all three stations will run a minimum of 225 promotional exposures (75 per station, 25 per week). Listen to the local Fredericksburg Alpha Media stations to hear all about us. One of those stations is WFLS 93.3, which plays LIVE.

FM 96.9 Radio Station Logo
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Commercial Spots

The following are examples of commercials you may hear on your favorite local radio stations.

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For questions concerning the 2022 Fredericksburg Dog Mart or if you would like to participate in this years Dog Mart,     please contact:

Dog Mart Manager/Event Coordinator: Darrell Schultz at